Ladakh & Jammu @ Chor Bizzare, New Delhi

IMG_20170204_084858.jpgChor Bizzare churaya ladakh and Jammu and serves it in plate in Delhi. The specially crafted cuisine by King Jigmed Namgyal, Queen Spaizes Namgyal and Ms Neha Prasada is a tasteful art. It is a blessing for people, who are always on lookout for something different to eat. Each preparation narrates the history of the region; even it is something as simple as Rajma or Dal.

IMG_20170203_215109.jpgCommon perception for a rajma or a Black dal is that it has to be same, what different it can be made, is well challenged. Some dishes have such a strong flavor that one with a typical palate may be pushed back, however it is guarantee of authenticity.

IMG_20170203_215104.jpgKhameera is one such example. It looks like a poori, however the fermented taste is so strong so that one used to mild flavours will have the eyes wide open.

IMG_20170203_210353.jpgFell in love with Kaladi Kulcha, it is so simple and so tasty. However, the preparation as narrated deserves a motion picture. Kaladi or Kalari is a kind of cheese, and details can be easily found and verified on internet.

IMG_20170203_213309.jpgChu – Tagir, gives a feel of nutrition, with a first taste. So many vegetables, all enriched with their natural taste and flavours so mild and blissful is simply amazing.

IMG_20170203_214058.jpgTi – Mok is another craftwork. To explain it in most simple way, it is like a laccha paratha ball, though it is steamed instead of baked.

IMG_20170203_221433.jpgPhating, a ladakhi dessert is a sun-dried apricot, soaked in Apricot syrup and complements well with a Vanilla Ice-Cream.They serve you with Kahwa at the end and it marks the completion of memorable tasteful journey.

IMG_20170203_215009.jpgThey have a 3-course meal designed for both Ladakh and Dogri, and it is A la carte, so one is not bound. Though, we tasted almost everything from both the menus and loved it.

IMG_20170203_215030.jpgThere is lot to explore and taste from, so don’t rely on my taste buds, go and explore yourself… 🙂

This celebration of regional taste is on from 1-5 feb 2017, and as well weekend is on, so do enjoy it.

Happy Eating… 🙂

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