ToughUrbanRoughFootball (TURF) WAR SEASON II

16 colleges,

10,000 spectators,

1 gala event…


An event made for all footballers, a 2-day extravaganza perfected for all aspiring ‘Cristiano Ronaldo’ and ‘Lionel Messi’.

G.L.Bajaj Institute of Technology and Management organized the second season of this gala event, in association with Fashion brand ‘Jabong’ and Sportswear brand ‘Hummel’, for ‘Jabong Turf War Season II’.

IMG_6366.JPG(Jabong and Hummel make a fashion bang at their counter)

What was the war all about?

It goes like this: The teams fielded four outfield players and a goalkeeper within each other, in a pitch and duration that’s relatively smaller than usual. This becomes an interesting challenge, as the players get to battle it out in limitations and perform their best at the same time. The cheerleaders and the dhol players pumped up the enthusiasm of the players and crowd. The game was a challenge for some players, as they moved on with supporting their team on the battlefield despite unexpected injuries. Yes, the sportsmanship spirit was still alive in them. The ‘Player of the Tournament’ was awarded a cash prize of Rs. 10,000 while the winning team received a trophy with a cash prize of Rs. 25,000.

IMG_6454.JPG(Building up strategies for their best win)

IMG_6391.JPG(Dhol-baaja always spices up anything in India)

IMG_6468.JPG(Cheerleaders cheering up the gaming spirits)

The event ended up with some awesome blossom performances by the rock band Swarrveda and DJ Varun Dayal. The cherry on the cake was the gorgeous singer, actress and MTV VJ Sophie Choudhry who enthralled the crowd and put the boys down on her feet with her appearance and her singing.

IMG_6660.JPG(MTV VJ, Actress, Singer and Bollywood Diva Sophie Choudhry enthralls the audience with her performance)


IMG_6634.JPG(Keep some space, the WINNERS are making way; SHARDA UNIVERSITY)

IMG_6538.JPGIMG_6520.JPG(The crowd screaming and hooting for TURF WAR)

IMG_6732.JPG(Fashionistas showing up their clothing sponsored by GAS)

IMG_6715.JPG(Nothing is complete without a ‘football’ dance sequence)

On an on, this event was a bang-on one, as the students, spectators and the guests went back with loads of inspiration, sportsmanship spirit and a lifetime experience of becoming the next one.

So as they say, LET’S FOOTBALL!!!

IMG_6749.JPG(That’s what they tell you to be. YOU)

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