The Aura of Khortytsa Vodka at The Claridges

How often is it that you are sitting at a bar, chilling with your friends and the most obvious question pops up in your mind, after looking the menu, “What’s new?” I was hit by a similar conundrum at Aura, The Claridges. Claridges, located in the historic Lutyens area, is an aesthetic amalgamation of vintage charm and modern luxury. People looking for an ambrosial blend of sophistication, class and fun, must definitely visit Aura, an exclusive Vodka bar hosted by the Claridges. The bar is characterised by a stellar reputation for it’s subtle interiors, congenial ambience and boasts of a diverse assortment of finest vodka – more than 60 different rare vodkas from around the world – to choose from.


Abiding by its policy to constantly bring something new on the table, Aura recently added Khortytsa Ice – the third highest selling vodka in the world, in its wide array of offerings. At the event launch of this exotic brand of vodka, I was greatly enthralled by the hues of chic purple interior, dim lighting and soothing music. The ambience of the bar is trendy and happening, a great place to hang out with friends and unwind over the weekend.

Khortytsa, which is uniquely characterised by a change in colour when chilled, has an exceptional taste that admirably matches up to its tagline “ULTIMATE PERFECTION”. It uses a unique technology of platinum and silver filters that accentuate the soft, harmonious taste and aroma of this premium liquor. Seated comfortably in the bar and feeling a little adventurous, I began my evening with straight up shots. The vodka, with the right blend of aromatic mint, lime and menthol varieties of ethanol, has an extremely subtle floral flavour and leaves one with a cool, refreshing sensation. The bar also stands out for its delectable mix of concoctions. Recommended by the expert mixologists at the bar, we drank some magnificent vodka based cocktails at the launch that are sure to pull people back again and again.

Though the prerogative of the bar is to make customers accustomed to the endless varieties of vodka, it reflects versatility by giving attention to other brands of alcohol as well. Aura boasts of some rare single malts, enthralling wine list, premium labels such as Van Gogh, O2, Pryanyy Napitok and luxury ingredients such as Royal Iranian and Caviar. Regardless to say, the bar has created its portfolio as per everyone’s taste and preferences.

Despite hosting high-end international brands in the bar menu, Aura is not expensive and one may be delighted to know that it is relatively easy on the pocket. Although full course meals are not the house speciality, appetisers and small snacks complement the coveted spirits. If you’re a vodka aficionado, you wouldn’t want to miss this place. And if you’re not, you may just want to go to see the impressive range of vodkas.

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