Short Story #283: The Affair?


Advik didn’t introspect much. He liked it when others did. He didn’t think much of himself so he always wanted others to analyse him. I won’t call him conceited but he was quite unsure of himself. He wanted reassurance from someone. He wasn’t looking for reassurance but if someone offered reassurance, he wasn’t going to reject it.

He and his wife Sanyukta had been in a long fight. The spell was unending. The couple was getting tired of it. They had basic differences which I’m not going to get into now but none of them was backing down.

One afternoon when they had the same fight again Sanyukta decided to take a break from the fights. She still loved Advik but she assumed that if she pretended that she was really angry with him and if she didn’t talk to him, he would realise his mistake and change for her. What she didn’t know was that he was tired too. He loved her but he wasn’t seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.

They didn’t talk for days but because they worked together Sanyukta did send him some work related messages from time to time. She sometimes created messages so she could keep in touch with him. She didn’t speak to him about anything personal.

Advik was quite low and tried to keep himself busy with work and Twitter. He was obsessed with twitter. He didn’t tweet much but he was following a lot of interesting people and he kept getting the most interesting news and updates from them. It kept his mind off what was happening in his personal life.

One afternoon he was pinged by a girl called Anissa. She liked the the TV show “Dexter” just as much as he did. They had something in common. They got to chatting on GoogleTalk and even though Advik wasn’t someone who opened up to people so quickly he found comfort in Anissa. She was single, she was bold and forward. Something that Advik wasn’t. Their conversations kept getting frequent when he started to develop feelings for her. Their online encounters started meandering into dangerous territory.

He knew he was married but he his wife was AWOL. As he kept getting closer to Anissa he kept telling himself that Sanyukta was never coming back. He felt all the emotions that he had felt when he had just started dating Sanyukta. It was fresh, it was new. There was electricity and heat.

One day, Advik expressed his feelings towards her and these feeling were reciprocated by Anissa. When he woke up the next morning, he got a call from Sanyukta. She was talking to him like nothing had happened. They hadn’t talked to each other in over a month and suddenly she was back. He was happy and confused. He wrote an email to Anissa telling her what had happened. They discussed Sanyukta all the time. That was primarily what they did other than meandering into dangerous territory or diving right into it.

Advik had made up his mind. He didn’t want to be with Sanyukta anymore and he made it absolutely clear. She was heartbroken. She felt like someone reached into her mouth and pulled out her heart from her body. She begged him to take her back. He didn’t reciprocate. The same afternoon

The same afternoon Anissa told Advik that she was only playing with his feelings and that she got a high from playing with people’s feelings. She juggled men. Anissa was the Hugh Hefner of her little community. When Advik learnt about all of the emotions being unreal he immediately pinged Sanyukta.

“I want you back in my life Sanyukta!”, he said to her.



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