Redecoration Diaries: My Iconic Home

I am a lifestyle and travel blogger and every time I travel to an interesting location I get the urge to redecorate my house. I have all these new ideas in my head from my travels and when I get home I can’t wait to redecorate. The best part about traveling is that you have all these wonderful ideas from different people and places and you have your home to try out all those lovely ideas.

I tend to get bored very quickly so I love exploring new options. I shop only all the time because I feel you get better deals and more variety. Store overheads lead to expensive furniture and I’d rather not pay for that. Especially when I’m constantly buying things online.

Redecoration time this year and this time the website I tried was My Iconic Home. I ordered stuff at the end of last year while I was on holiday in Koh Samui and everything arrived in time for me to set up my new house. I have a new coffee table, a new dining table, a guest bed and some bean bags.


I chose the Balbriggan Queen Size Bed in Mango Wood Finish priced at Rs. 38,999, I got 30% off on the actual price which I felt was an excellent deal. The bed looks really stylish and goes beautifully with the artwork I have in my bedroom. The best part is the mattress I got for my bed. It is a treat to sleep in. We travel bloggers go to big and small hotels and when we come back home we just sleep for days because every aching bone need rest. If there isn’t a comfortable bed then life just doesn’t seem worth it.


I usually buy mattress online for the simple reason that it is much cheaper than the store mattresses you get. I got my Kurlon Spring Luxurino Mattress at 15% off which was a wonderful deal and home delivered with no shipping charge! Isn’t that just perfect?

I saw a lot of themed bean bags on the website but I wanted to go for something simple so I picked a bright orange and black Style Homez Square Floor Cushion, I was happy that it came with beans because I remember buying a bean bag from this other website and there were no beans, I had to go around for hours to try and look for beans.


The Hematablast Coffee Table and Cressing Six Seater Dining set are pure wood too. It’s important for me to have good quality wood because I don’t care for my furniture at all and there is a lot of rough usage involved.


If I do not get good quality wood then the pieces of furniture in my house will start to look old and frayed and that would me re-redecoration!


Image Credit: Fabmart, Shopify
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