Review – “Smoke House Deli introduces Smoked Cocktails”

Get ready to refresh your taste buds as Smoke House Deli comes up with special smoked cocktails menu, sure to fire you up. The expert mixologists at Smoke House Deli have stirred up smoky components and concocted a menu worth giving a try. With so many options to choose from! Sure, you will have a great time convincing yourself to pick one out of these.

shd_smoked cocktails_2016_menu [Ctc print file]

Apple Wood- Tangerine Zest Smoked Berry – The perfect combination of gin, mix berries, lime juice and orange bittersMisty Apple Sour –  a refreshing drink , with a perfect blend of green apple, lime & vodka; a drink that will leave you wanting more! House Spiced Smoked Sangria is a fruity sangria  infused with  orange juice, fresh fruits with red wine, port wine and brandy makes this a must have for the season.

Lime Zest Smoked Daiquiri, a citrusy drink tastes just as refreshing as it looks! Adding to its eclectic flavour is a mix of Bacardi, pineapple and lime juiceSmoked Maple Kentucky with apple juice, maple syrup and whiskey is a unique combination that is stunning to look at, tastes divine and is as smooth as you like it. 

Cherry Wood Smoked Rob Roy is infused with the sweetness of vermouth married to perfect tanginess of fresh orange and a dash of angostura bitters and Lapsang Souchong Smoked Margarita is the perfect blend of tequila, egg whites, lime juice with Lapsang & Souchong infused syrups.

There’s no better time to warm up and get comfortable with these smoky delights at Smoke House Deli. Come over for a refreshing take on cocktails.

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