Taste Of The World – Fratelli Vineyards

The Mansion at Hyatt Regency Delhi was host to the world of wine tasting on the 18th of January 2017. Fratelli Vineyards, one of India’s leading wine producers showcased its global portfolio covering at the “Taste OF The World” event housing 29 Wines from 5 countries.


Taste of the World offered some of the best wines from France, Italy, Chile and Australia and accompaniments from out of this world. Wine tasting counters set up through out the beautiful venue combining the best of old & new wines, and also introduced to the wine lovers Fratelli’s newest labels such as the JCB “a rare collection” curated by Jean- Charles Boisset, DeLoach California’s pioneer wine producer, Cecchi the Italian leaders in the wine world, Molly Cradle Australia’s boutique wines from some of the most prestigious regions and more.

Fratelli also showcased its domestic selection SETTE, VITAE and M/S- Master’s Selection, where the show for me was stolen by a soon to be launched SETTE VII which would be available in the leading premium wine stores soon, and trust me its just wonderful.

While the event was one of its kind, Hyatt Regency was indeed the best place to host such awesomeness. The chefs served a variety of accompaniments and delectable fun food which just married each wine just perfectly, the live counters had it all; from Beautifully Smoked Salmons to Grilled Lambs, from cold cuts to kebabs and a never ending variety of cheeses that just went hand in glove with large variety of wines flowing endlessly.

Taste Of the World, a true luxury event hosted prominent people from the business families and not the miss out Jean- Charles Boisset, the James Bond of the wine world who flew in only to be a part of this prestigious event.

Wines we loved and recommend Fratelli’s sparkling wine selection – Gran Cuvee Brut and M/S- Master’s Selection. SETTE VII, VITAE Sangiovese, Caliterra Reserva.

Review Courtesy Abhishek Mukherji

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