Live Pan Cooked Ice Cream@Ice pan Creamery

IMG_6344.JPGIce Pan Creamery brings home international concept of making live ice cream rolls on pans. These rolls are a treat for a taste buds as well as eyes. Fresh ingredients poured on super cool pans, crushed with spatula, flattened and shaped into rolls.

IMG_6347.JPGMore of a dish preparation it seems like an artist creating a masterpiece. The tak-tak noise caused to beating of metal spatula on pans, defines the amount of effort poured in by the curator.

IMG_6354.JPGThese ice cream rolls are fresh, pure, free from additives and preservatives, visual treat and soothing. Layered ice cream rolls look like miniature bouquet of flowers.

IMG_6341.JPGThe dessert bar offers quite a choice of beverages to choose from apart from the exhaustive menu of ice cream. We tried a couple of flavours and each has its unique proposition. One of the strong reasons is that the ingredients are fresh and no synthetic flavor added. Ice cream is flavoured natural way and it is a complete delight.

IMG_6359.JPGThere is a good choice of waffle preparations as well. We ordered for Sinful chocolate, and really enjoyed it.
IMG_6335.JPGThe place is small, nice ambience, neat and fresh. Prices are very appropriate, in fact more than value for money.
IMG_6351.JPGThey do not need any advertising, the spatula beating and the tak tak noise attracts passerby for this not so regular artwork going at the place. Good job guys, interesting stuff, keep bringing in more flavours of the ice cream rolls and all the best.
Happy eating… 🙂

Credit: Nipun
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