Home Delivery? Chinese? Try Mr Chows!

If one was to ask me, “What cuisine do you order home the most?”, my answer would undoubtedly be, Chinese!
Chinese is one of my favourite cuisines and I’ve had my eyes on Mr Chows for a while.
Since I order take out very often,almost about every 2-3 days,I definitely have a tight budget when it comes to ordering. Each time I’d scroll through Zomato I’d be tempted to try Mr Chows but never really got down to it, that’s why I was very happy when they approached me for a review.

Just looking at the menu I was impressed by the options of meats they had to offer. Not too many home delivery restaurants serve pork, crab or even prawns. Most stick to the basic Chicken, egg and Fish and being a Pork lover, Roast Honey Pork Chilly was my first pick.
For the rest of my order,I went with some of my favourites, Chilly Basil Fish, Kung Pao Chicken, Pan Fried Noodles and one particularly interesting dish, Crab Wontons.
Momos and Dimsums have always been a favourite with me but in recent times I have taken a liking to Wontons and I’ve never come across a crab rendition.
To be honest, I wasn’t really expecting much. Most of my crab cravings end in disappointment these days with restaurants serving me crab meat adulterated with prawns or crayfish but I was pleasantly surprised with the Wontons from Mr Chows.

The crisp Wontons had wonderful sweet, genuine crab meat and were lovely!
The pan fried noodles had a good mix of crisp as well as soft noodles and came with a light sauce with a generous helping of vegetables and prawns. Absolutely up to the mark.

For me a fish dish, should always have fresh fish and the fish should be prepared in a way that the fish does not get lost amongst heavy, spicy sauces.
The Chilly basil fish had a good flavour going, the basil flavour came through distinctly and the fish was fresh and was not lost in a thick coating of batter or in a thick, displeasing sauce.

When ordering from Mr Chows you must be prepared to have tasty food, not authentic food.
Some of the flavours have been fused to match the Indian palette and what you can expect is a rendition of Chinese food, wholesome and tasty nonetheless.
There were 2 dishes that didn’t meet me expectations unfortunately.

One of my most anticipated dishes was the Kung Pao Chicken. While I was looking forward to a spicy appetiser full of cashew nuts I was disappointed to receive a gravy dish without the slightest resemblance to a traditional Kung Pao.
The pork too was oversweet and lacked any balance of spices.

I’d conclude by recommending the restaurant for times when you’re looking for a spontaneous home delivery.
They serve good fried rice and Pan Fried noodles. I’d say don’t expect anything too authentic, just wholesome good food.

Bro Tip- Stay away from the Kung Pao Chicken, specially if you’re a Kung Pao Fan, jump for the Crab Wontons!


Review Credit:  Sanskaara Lalwani 

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