Lady Baga – Goa, 0 km!

Yes, we know that sounds crazy – there is a mini Goa in Delhi now and where else than the favorite hangout place – Connaught Place. Olive group comes up with a hippie place – Lady Baga in CP and we are mesmerized by the Goan-ness already.


Opened at the same place which used to host Monkey Bar, this beach shack restaurant  replicates goa efficiently. A wall size projection of waves gives you the beach feeling complete with beach beds, hammocks and beach chairs and tables – completing the experience with sand – yes that is there too!


Spread over 2 floors and a terrace – the palce is complete in all aspects – the lower floor hosts the gigs – pure Goan music for the kick and the wave screen, the mezzanine floor is a shack replica complete with hammocks and a goan bus. The terrace is the best part – although it just hosts 2-3 tables and a hammock, it provides a lovely view of CP and is a pure pleasure in the comfortable months of Delhi.


Of course the food is purely Goan – we tried a couple of items and they fared well – the actual experience will be when the place opens up to the public. From whatever we had, we liked the Prawn curry, Whole Lotta Rosie – which is a omlette topped with Chicken curry and Light My Fire – chicken in Goan spices. The Pork Vindaloo failed to impress.The Goan Chorizzo Pulao was the best of the lot. As in Goa, the vegetarian options available on the day were very few – we will wait to see what’s in store when the place opens officially.


The drinks are quirky – try the Acid Test – a fancy version of Tequila shots in different flavors – it is nice. Ginger Terminator is a whishky based drink served in a lovely cup. Do try the Bloody Mary which is made with Vodka infused with Goan Chorizzo if you like to
experiment. The Istanbuli Chai is a tad too sweet but a good option to sip on after your meal!l-b-4


Bringing Goa to Delhi is a bold and wonderful step that Olive group have taken –  the ambiance beats any in the region and is a must visit. We really hope the entire menu is as good as the couple of items we tried. We can’t wait to get back, laze around and have a couple of beer – after all, even artificial, it is Goa!

Lady Baga open a whole new world of Goa to Delhi tomorrow. Be there!

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