Product Review: Bring home an inviting fragrance with Godrej Aer

Have you ever wondered what makes for an inviting home or what creates that moment of awe when someone comes home? Well, it’s always that moment when your guests walk into an elegant and charming house that has a certain sense of freshness.


With Godrej’s range of flavours, you can enjoy an array of sprays based on your special day. Once you carry home a Godrej Aer, you would be so enamoured by its freshness and purity that these spray will come in handy on a regular basis. These sprays are great conversation starters for your guests as they begin to experience it the moment you welcome them home!


An air freshener spray would help diffuse odours, cooking smells and add to a welcoming fragrance at home. Air fresheners for home are not only used to take away foul smells but have a fulfilling scent that purifies the air around you. This leaves you with a breath of fresh air every single time!
These air fresheners are proven to be great mood changers, kill airborne pathogens and help you stay relaxed. With its convenient designed bottle, it let’s you just spray away  and take away any profuse odour around you.


Why stop there? Get the best bathroom fresheners with the Godrej Aer Pocket and you can enjoy 30 days of freshness! Its unique slim gel technology does not allow for any spillage and keeps its fragrance to a level that’s just right! With three lovely tangy, misty and bloom fragrances, you can’t expect anything less than a well-scented bathroom.


Let these flavours add that little bounce in your step as you can now switch off and relax in the comfort of your home. It’s even more inviting for guests who would seem more at home with its rich pleasant fragrance.


Whether it’s the festive season or an unexpected visit from family members or friends near or far, an air freshener is sure to lift their spirits with its welcoming sweet smells!

Buy the Home Air Freshener Spray here and the Pocket here.

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