Royal Brewery Bistro @ Hotel The Royal Plaza, Delhi

Another feather in the cap by Hotel The Royal Plaza, this brewery welcomes you with its warm interiors and an absolute feel of a Bistro. Their lightings, furniture, and decorations set the mood right for a perfect evening with friends, family or better halves.


Our treat began with a beer feast with draft beer testers set on the table. Out of the available choices (Stellar, Hoegaarden, Hoegaarden (With Sweetener) & Bira), stellar was my personal favorite. It had the perfect aroma of wheat beer and an apt amount of fizz. I have to say that their cocktail menu is by far one of the best offering in the NCR region. They’ve been brave enough to experiment with their mixes and pretty much succeeded. My personal favorite – Brewer Street!


So basically, this particular cocktail looks like draft beer, tastes like draft beer but doesn’t the ingredient at all! Its an excellent elegant blend of Vodka, Rum, Tequila & Orange juice – topped with normal beer. This can well be a competition to the LIIT in coming times and with coming of such a Bistro having varied offering on the menu, we really look forward to tasting their other mixes in times to come!

The best thing about a good drink is, that it sets the perfect pitch for your appetite! And so it happened.

Their food menu doesn’t have anything Indian on its platter. It’s an ever interesting serving of Mexican, Mediterranean & Italian Food, each prepared to perfection by the Chef and his team. A happy chef shall always cast his spell on the food and such is the case here.


We tasted Chicken & Spinach Salad (Poloe Spinaci) which was loaded with fresh mushrooms, chicken breast, avacado & bell peppers. The sweet chilli sauce made a perfect combination and the salad itself was a journey fulfilled with utmost satisfaction and gratitude to the ones who invented food 😛

An interesting observation was the concept of micro greens of basil. Focussing on health and combining the same with salads, this introduction shall certainly go with the health conscious intelligentsia looking to fulfill their appetite with a salad looking as grand as a full meal sprinkled with the ever healthy micro greens.


For the main course, Chef was courteous enough to suggest Salmon Pizza which made an excellent follow up to cocktails and salad. The pizza was a treat with slices of smoked salmon baked excellently into the thin crust and cheese.

We certainly cherished the time spent and will recommend this place if you are looking for an actual Bistro experience in Delhi. Also because it says it’s a Bistro and actually is one!

Until next time – Wish you the best of food 🙂

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