Travel Diary: Day #10 – Koh Samui, Thailand – New Year’s Day (1/365)

I have always believed that whatever you do on the first day of the year you will do for the rest of the year. So, if I want to change a habit Jan 1st is the day to do it. I have been wanting to lose weight for months as when Diwali comes around one gains weight and it becomes impossible to lose again. My quest begins again. This time it will be different. I will include more weights and physical exercise into my regimen.


Anyhow, I woke up early and got dressed and ready for my day in Koh Samui. My sister and I went driving around the city and shopped for our friends in India and Dubai. We then came back home and drank some fresh juices and picked up more people from the family to go to Tesco …. again! There was a lot of grocery shopping to do and we had to buy a suitcase. Our suitcase chain got stuck at the conveyer belt at baggage claim and broke. We got one from BP World at Tesco. A medium sized suitcase cost ฿ 3600.

We then went to one of the most popular bakeries in the city – La Fabrique Samui.


There were all kinds of french treats including croissants, breads, crêpes, kouign amann, etc. We had a mango shake, coffee, tea, sandwiches and pizzas. The food wasn’t bad. I guess I was disappointed because I expected the food to be exceptional. We got some meringue to go too. La Fabrique faces the road so it is a little noisy but you do get to observe Samui’s day to day life while sipping on your fave coffee.


After coffee we went shopping. Chaweng has the best shopping as there are loads of shops where you can find handbags, clothes and little trinkets. The shop keepers don’t respond too well to aggressive bargaining so keep it subtle.

At home we had both Italian and Chinese food waiting for us. We had great desserts like Crème Anglaise with bananas, cold chocolate, chocolate tarts, etc. too. We also had some freshly made lemon curd. The food at the villa was much better than the food we had outside.


It has been raining a lot in Koh Samit. There are a lot of cloud bursts. It is crazy but I love the rains. I absolutely love ’em. Wherever I go, the rains follow me….



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