Travel Diary: Day #9 – Koh Samui, Thailand – New Year’s Eve, Cobras & Crocodiles!

New year’s eve is always special. You get time to reflect upon what you have done the whole year and think about the promises and resolutions you are making to yourself for the coming year. I promise to get a “bikini body” by the end of the year and that will only happen if I eat well and work out like crazy. If 100s of people do it all over the world it is certainly not impossible, so, I’m going to give it a try too.

Today at Ko Samui I woke up early as usual and spent time with my family. Today’s breakfast was special. We have been having a lot of Thai dishes for breakfast as our butler service is brilliant.


The cook is one of the best Thai chefs in the city. Our breakfast today consisted of pad thai goong (stir fried rice noodles with prawns), tom yam goong(sour spicy soup with prawns), kaeng khiao wan (thai green curry) and tom kha gai (chicken coconut soup).

After our meal, my niece and I drove to the nearby crocodile farm. The tickets are quite expensive and they don’t accept cards so don’t forget to carry cash.


We went for the King Cobra and the Crocodile show and in between shows we spent time at the zoo they had created for visitors.

We went “LIVE” on facebook and made a lot of fun videos. It was the most fun I had since I’ve got here.

After the farm we came back home and got dressed to go to the gala at W, Woobar. We did spend some time in the pool at the Villa enjoying the sunset. I just love the infinity pool at the villa. It is breathtaking. Our gala dinner was to lead to mid night but we had some drinks there and went to another resort in Chaweng called “Red Snapper”.


We had fried and skewered octopus there and we went shopping. After that we headed to a resort on the beach where we danced and welcomed the year 2017. There were a lot of fireworks on the beach.


It was breathtaking. It wasn’t anything like the fireworks I had seen in Dubai last year but there is something magical about music, dancing, wine, the people you love and an open beach!

Happy New Year 2017!

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