Travel Diary: Day #8 – Koh Samui, Thailand – Kobe & the RED LIGHT DISTRICT! (OMG!)

My day started early again.


We have a butler service at the villa so our breakfast is always amazing. We wake up to some brilliantly made tea and breakfast made to order.

We always like getting our own groceries because there are three giant supermarkets in Koh Samui – Big C, Tesco Lotus and Makro.


We went to Makro again and even though I’ve lived studied and worked in the UK I had never seen or been to a Makro there. This was huge and had literally everything. It had industrial size baking mixers for professional bakeries too! We were surprised at how huge and well-organised it is.


We came back home with our supplies and went out to a local resort called Zazen. Zazen is a boutique resort and it is very breezy. It has very low lighting and good service. If you would like to shop for some exotic Thai souvenirs then this is the place to do it.

Zazen has a huge collection of interesting things.

After Zazen we went to Sunset by Angelina which is located in Bo Phut which is very close to where we live and right next to the entrance of the Big Buddha temple. It is a very small restaurant but it is right at the beach. It is a little noisy though because it is also on the main road. It has a very chilled out vibe and some really good food. There is a very brilliant French delicatessen in town run by John who is from France and he supplies the beef and salmon to Sunset by Angelina.


We had the Kobe which was cooked beautifully. The sauce that accompanied it was even better than the beef itself, don’t miss Sunset by Angelina when at Koh Samui.


We had visited John earlier in the day and he let us sample his foie gras, smoked salmon, etc. We also took some of his freshly made baguettes home. We were very pleased with how amazing they tasted. They were fresh, they were light and they had the perfect crispy crust and the soft inside.


After dinner we decided to explore the “taboo” nightlife and red light district of the city. We apparently went to the nice area as there is a proper red light district behind the lake somewhere in Chaweng.

We went to the one where The Green Mango Club is. There were girls and lady boys and a lot of Indian men! The place was bustling with energy even at 1 at night. There were strip clubs, happy hours and a lot of music and dancing.

Most of the city closes by 11 and bars also start to shut by 12 but this is the only area that stays open until late. If you want to get a real massage – head, foot and shoulders then you can get it late at night!


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