Travel Diary: Day #7 – Koh Samui, Thailand – Shopping: Electronics, Clothes & Food

I am not much of a shopper but I do like picking up interesting things from new countries I travel to.

Most of what you find in Thailand, you will find in India too but a lot of electronics you can find at very low prices in Koh Samui. Large televisions are available for cheap but you will have to pay customs once you get to India so it is no use.


I went to a store called “Power Buy” in Central Festival Mall in Bophut. I needed to buy an external hard drive because I had been clicking too many pictures and I needed to back them up. My phone does have 256 GB but I’ve learnt the hard way that everything should be backed up. I found an excellent 2 TB external HDD for ฿ 3290 or ₹6,499. The same is available on Amazon India for 6,680 for a black one and  7,075.00 for the red one I got. YAY! 

There are a lot of exotic insects available locally – fried maggots, flies, crickets, etc., the street food of Thailand. You can find almost everything exotic to eat on the streets of Koh Samui. We went shopping to a local supermarket called Tops. Tops is a high end supermarket and has everything, even atta (whole wheat flour) and cocoa powder which most shops in your neighbourhood (in Thailand) won’t have.


We also got octopus at the supermarket.


IMG_2247.JPGIMG_2244.JPGThe best part is that they have octopus and a range of Thai spices and pastes. We got a whole bunch of stuff from there and it cost us a bomb because this store is the Thai equivalent of Waitrose in the UK.

We then went to the local shops and got some interesting fruits, vegetables and drinks. It is very hot in Thailand so keep yourself hydrated or you may fall ill. Also, make sure you drink only bottled water.


It also rains here and there are flash floods. The streets here will remind of you Goa and some parts of India. The people here will speak little or no english so get google translate on your phone or it will be impossible to get things done.

I fast on Thursdays so I can only eat fruits and milk. The problem is the milk here has some salt in it and asking people if things have salt in it is impossible because of language issues.


I did manage to get coffee and a yoghurt probiotic drink which tasted like an Indian lassi.


We cooked a lot of Indian Chinese food with Thai spices. It was a crazy lunch but people seemed to enjoy it.

We swam in the villa again and it was extremely windy and cold. We sat in the jacuzzi but we were freezing so we kept swimming. It was a beautiful night.


I went into my room and was terrified to see a lizard the size of my arm – a gecko lizard. It was striped and polka dotted. It was scary as hell. The villa caretaker Andrew came in to shoo it away but he ended up killing it as it was hurt. It was also terrifying when he told me it was only a baby lizard and they get bigger ones, three times bigger than the one I saw, in Koh Samui. They also grab onto your skin and are territorial. They bite too. I couldn’t sleep the whole nite because all I could focus on was the noises they were making.




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