Travel Diary: Day #5 – Koh Samui, Thailand – Thai Food!

Getting fat is really easy in Koh Samui. The food is amazing. You will never go hungry. Our 5th day in Thailand was dedicated to food. We had booked a Thai banquet service at the villa and the chef came home and cooked dinner for us.

We had to stock up for supplies and that meant another trip to Tesco Lotus. Tesco is huge here but it’s exhausting to shop for groceries while on holiday. Our rental car was giving us trouble so we decided to get it fixed and spend the day at the villa. New Wave Car Rental in Samui said they would give us a new car but we asked for the fortuner to be fixed because it had a tank full of gas.


We swam the whole day even when it was raining.


The sky kept changing colours – the perfect photo day. Our Manfrotto tripod, that we got from Bangkok was used to the fullest.

What to eat in Thailand? 

  • Don’t miss the pineapples in Koh Samui, the best I’ve ever had.
  • The papaya here is exceptional too.
  • The coconut jam, coconut milk and coconuts are amazing. Add a little coconut milk to your smoothies for the perfect morning breakfast accompniment (recipe).
  • You will find mangoes in Koh Samui in December and January so fly to Thailand if you miss mangoes!
  • Explore Thai street food, it is the best.


After building up an appetite because of all of the swimming we ate the lovely Thai chicken, green curry, spicy cashew chicken, pork curry and pancakes for dinner.


We drank wine and spent time gazing at the stars because the sky had very quickly cleared up.

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