Travel Diary: Day #4 – Koh Samui, Thailand – Wat Phra Yai (Big Buddha Statue)

I woke up at around 9:30 am because I slept late and then I had my usual cup of tea and spent some time enjoying the lovely view of the villa.


I saw a huge printed lizard in the garden area so I was keeping my door closed to make sure it didn’t enter my room.

After tea and breakfast, I took a shower and we decided to explore the island. We decided the visit the most visited tourist spot – the big Buddha statue!


The tourist spot you can not miss when you’re in Koh Samui. There is a dress code for visiting this religious site though. However, if you are dressed in something inappropriate there are robes and sarongs available at the temple. You can borrow them and climb the stairs to reach the foot of the big Buddha statue. The golden statue is perfect for photographers. Although this is one of the most photographed sites in Koh Samui, I’m sure if you are creative enough you will find something interesting to photograph in Bo Put @ Surat Thani where this statue is.


We had to visit the pharmacy again to get some sun cream and Samui is a very expensive country, a bottle of sunscreen cost me ฿ 600. I’m sure you can find cheaper if you look but I went to Morya Pharmacy which is at every corner.

Other stores you can find everywhere in the city are Tesco Lotus, 711 and Family Mart. You will find all basic amenities here in Samui. I couldn’t find any wholewheat flour though but I will look in Tesco again to see if I can find some.


After the big Buddha statue we got some really nice ice cream at this little ice cream parlour near Wat Phra Yai. The reason this shop caught our attention is because the sign outside read – “probably the best ice cream in Samui”. It was Movenpick ice cream and we all know how good that is.

Then we came home and had some Thai green curry made with fresh vegetables. Our thai maid Kai cooked it for us. Thai people are very warm and even though they don’t speak much English they make sure you feel welcome.

We baked muffins in the afternoon with some Thai spice packs we got and then we left for our fishing trip. IMG_8057.JPG.jpeg

Mr.Tu’s Fishing Game is a very interesting tour. We all were picked from outside our villa in Mr.Tu’s mini bus. Then, when we got to the boat we saw the most amazing sunset but we couldn’t wait much as we had to go on the fishing trip.


The boat was quite comfortable. We were given a seat, fishing rods and bait. We went deep into the sea and then we started to fish. There was a lot of interesting food on the boat. They had a lot of sandwiches, local fruits, etc. They even had candy for people who get sea sick. The tour costs ฿ 3,500 per person, which is around Rs. 6000-7000.






We caught a lot of fish including a longfin grouper which was a leopard printed pretty fish.


We ate the fresh tuna sandwiches the fishermen had made for us and we had some really good Hoegaarden Rosée.

We didn’t cook and eat the fish on the boat, we chose to get it back to the villa and cooked it with Thai and Indian spices and ate it with loads of wine we had picked up at Tesco Lotus on our way back.


We sat outside the villa and watched the star lit sky and munched on some Thai BBQ chips and some pizza pringles. The flavours of lays in Thailand are very interesting!


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