Travel Diary: Day #3 – Ko Samui, Thailand (Saw a Shooting Star!)

I needed to go to the pharmacy and there was a rented car parked in my villa but because the villa is on a hill I just wasn’t confident enough to drive it. Car rentals cost around ฿2000 per day (฿ = Thai Baht).


I decided to walk downhill out of the summit estate to the local market. Everything is local here. You can go around the entire island in around an hour and a half to two hours. However, there are so many things to do along the way that you may want to stop to do fun stuff.

I was looking for a pharmacy and that was turning out to be an impossible task because no one here speaks english and I mean no one, not even a little. You have to speak in actions and pictures. Anyhow, I guess that’s the charm of this place.


When you go to a local cash machine you pay ฿200 extra for each withdrawal.

I picked up my medicines and then began my uphill climb to the villa. I really need to start working out again. The walk wasnt easy and I had SPF 50 on but I still got sun burnt. It was insanely sunny. Please do not forget to get loads of SPF and don’t buy it here because it is more expensive here than it is in your home country.

We also got a SIM Card from AIS for 30 days. It’s really fast and cost ฿600 with data.


We are in a villa with a huge kitchen so we needed to get all kinds of supplies to stock up. We drove in our fortuner to the largest TESCO and it had everything we needed.


Don’t forget to get pineapples and fruits in Ko Samui, they are amazing!


We spent a lot of time there and at the end of the day we were done and we got coffee and went back home.


The Summit Villa is absolutely brilliant. It has a great view.


We were to have dinner outside but I decided to cook for everyone. Then we took some Hoegaarden Rosée and spent time in the jacuzzi ….stargazing. Oh, we saw a shooting star. Good times.

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