Restaurant Review: The Laidback Cafe, Greater Kailash (GK) 1, Delhi with WoW Tables

lblLaidback Cafe is a cool cool cafe located in the heart of South Delhi, situated at N Block Market, Greater Kailash. The cafe stands out from the rest just because of its awesomeness, simplicity and the fantastic view of Delhi from its open roof sitting area.

The cafe offers 4 sections for seating each of which has a different theme and a class apart from each other, Laidback Cafe not only offers an astounding view and ambiance, the chef has some great tricks up his sleeve. So, the whole package curated by WowTables is wonderful. This is a super classy restaurant which has nothing laid back about it, superb food, a beautiful view under the stars/ sun, an amazing bartender and a guaranteed great time.

Dishes that are a must try are:

  • Crispy Fried Mushrooms – a classic potato dish only with perfectly cooked mushrooms
  • Chelo Kebab – another classic with cooked to perfection, while the kebab just melts in your mouth, the flavors will make the taste linger around for a very long time. the dish is accompanied with some fresh salad and stir fried veggies
  • Chicken Stew with Couscous – my taste buds still tingle while a right about this master piece. juicy chunks of chicken and a consistent gravy (Stew) perfectly balanced with flavors and accompanied with the North African favorite Couscous
  • Tiramisu – taste it to believe the goodness of this version of the classic desert.
  • Whiskey Sour was my poison for the night.

Laidback Cafe has been around for a while now and with the top class service & quality I am sure would be there for many years to come. I would rate this Cafe a 4 on 5, and if you have not been here, you are surly missing out on an experience worth the while.



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Credit – Abhishek M.

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