Travel Diary: Day #2 – Bangkok/Ko Samui, Thailand – PINK EGGS?

My day started at 9:30 when I was woken up by a knock on my door. It wasn’t really a knock though, it just felt like a knock for some reason. I guess it was the clock in my head waking me up. I knew I had very little time in Bangkok and I wanted to explore and shop.

My flight for Ko Samui was supposed to leave at 7:45pm. So I ate breakfast – bread, eggs tea and headed straight for the shower. My family however had really interesting breakfast.IMG_7951.JPG.jpegIMG_7952.JPG.jpeg

Anyhow, I got dressed and took an UBER to go to the nearest mall – Mega Bangna.


IMG_7959.JPG.jpegIMG_7981.JPG.jpegIMG_7979.JPG.jpegI looked at a lot of interesting stuff but I really needed a tripod for “star trail photography” at Ko Samui and before I left India I waited for Amazon to deliver it but Amazon Prime screwed up and I left and the tripod never got delivered.


I finally got the tripod at Olympus at the mall and I got a cool handbag at a Ginger. Then I got a salad for lunch from Au Bon Pain and left for the hotel because I needed to pack. I packed and checked out at around 5 and reached the airport in 30 mins. The flight was delayed so I really got bored waiting for it. Bangkok Airways really disappointed me. It was exhausting waiting for it.

When the plane finally arrived from Ko Samui we boarded and unlike Jet Airways last night, food arrived very quickly. We had a steamed minced dolly fish main with jasmine brown rice and blanched bland beans. It was a very healthy dish but didn’t taste all that great. The also had a dessert that tasted like an egg and sweet potato omelette but the stewardess called it a custard or sankaya.

We landed at the Samui Airport and I loved how it looked like a golf resort or spa.

We were picked up by Andrew from the Summit Villa at the airport. We reached the villa at around 11 ish and drove around town to find us some pizzas. While we were looking for pizzas I saw some pink and green eggs at the local super market!


We had to go to Chaweng where we found The Pizza Company. We got our pizzas and salads and finally came back to the villa and settled down and spent time enjoying the night sky.

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