The Winter Menu at Guppy!

With the award winning chefs in the kitchen, every meal at Guppy is a pleasure. More so, when it’s the winter menu providing the much needed comfort in the cold weather.


There at Guppy, just after watching a play in the open, we were desperate for a bowl of soup or a cup of coffee, but as luck would have it, we were supposed to be at Guppy to experience the winter menu and it provided the much needed warmth 🙂 A glass of mulled wine setting the tone of the evening coupled with the soothing ambiance of Guppy is all you can ask for in a cold winter evening.

mulled wine

Guppy House Salad with karashi mustard dressing is back on popular demand and so is the Karashi Chicken and Bacon Casserole – the former was off the menu but had to be brought back, on repeated requests from customers (that’s some love)! Lobster and Seafood Soup Kaminabe is a must try if you are looking for some relief in the cold weather – served in a paper pot, this one’s a savior. Seafood, Mizuna and Daikon Salad with plum dressing has fresh greens which make a filling appetizer.

guppy house salad


lobster and seafood soup kaminabe

Seafood, Mizuna and Daikon Salad

Slow-cooked Tuna Steak is served with an egg poached at 63 degress and ponzu sauce – mix everything before eating and savor the medley of flavors it brings, specially the citrus flavor from the ponzu sauce.
slow cooked tuna steak

We enjoyed the Sushi Rice Crisp, a first of us, made with crisp sushi rice cake, tuna and salmon or avocado tartare. The Battera Sushi is best enjoyed by pouring some soy sauce and a hint of wasabi.

battera sushi

sushi rice crisp

tuna and avocado poke

Lamb Tobanyaki, again a first for us, has New Zealand lamb cooked with greens in a miso gravy in the ceramic pot, and hence the name (toban = pot). Our senses were piqued by the presentation and aroma of the dish and we forgot to click a picture and only realized it once we finished our dish in one go –  a must try.

We missed the Warm Carrot Cake from the dessert menu – it is warm, but it is a hot seller. Now we can’t wait to go back and have it. We had a Matcha Pudding served with toffee sauce and apple slices and just loved it.

matcha pudding

28, Main Market, Lodhi Colony, New Delhi
12 PM – 3:30 PM, 7 PM – 12:30 AM

P.S. The portions given to us were scaled down for the experience. The actual portions are much bigger 🙂

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