The Grill Mill – A must Chill


As we say in Punjabi ‘Je akhan ne nahi khada, te moonh ne ki khaana’, that is, ‘If it ain’t eye-catching, it ain’t tasty.’ And believe you me, my eyes ate a lot that day. Just when you enter Grill Mill, you see a lot of kebabs and other finger licking snacks being prepared on your left.
And then you go a bit further down and you are now miles away from the hustle-bustle of Cyber hub and you encounter a live tandoor and happy faces.
And if I come to the real deal, the food was, what they say, yummilicious.
‌We had something called Moroccan cheese spring roll, and it was not a regular Joe spring roll. It was filled with cheese, and came in a tequila glass, and the sauce it came was to die for. You can thank me for the sauce recommendation later.
Then we got a serving of sea food, again in those tequila glasses, and it was melt in the mouth delicacy. It was Seafood Ceviche with baby rockets.
They did not disappoint on veg front either.
Firstly we had Mushroom Crostini. Then, without skipping a beat, we jumped to Mint Paneer Walnut ki tikki. Here, a small suggestion to the owners of The Grill Mill, you guys can avoid adding anything to Mushroom Crostini or to tikki for plating, because the dance of flavors already reach to divine proportions with those beauties.

We were on the real binge trip now, so then we ordered Galauti and Chappali kebabs
And the Chappali kebabs were so yummy that I even forgot to click the pictures.
After sometime, a piece of art arrived in our plates. It was a very finely cut watermelon cube filled with Danish feta cheese with a sprinkle of black olive dust. It has very subtle and very interesting flavor. You have to have it as it was unlike any combination of tastes I encountered.
Just see the perfection of the cubes.
Anyways, we again started our voyage towards non vegetarian food. Next to arrive was Chicken Chettinad with pita bread.
IMG_20161216_201325.jpgNice and elegantly spiced stuff I must say. And then we called it a day with keema kaleji. Kaleje ko bha gayi, pardon my pun.
And all this was helped in the food pipe with red wine sangria. My friend, however, has Stella. There were more options like white wine sangria and there was one fresh beer.
And all this for 999 plus taxes. Impressive is an understatement here.

Happy eating… 🙂

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