Mahou Clasica – My Classica

Mahou Clasica.pngI read somewhere that “There is no such thing as a bad beer. It’s that some taste better than others.”. It sounded like an adage and hence, my task of reviewing the couple of cans of Mahou that I recently received became more difficult than it normally is. I like beer, and consequently either enjoy a good bottle more than others do or hate a bottle that does not meet expectations.

The first good thing that captured me as I poured Mahou Clasica and raised a solid head was the beer’s clarity. It score high on clarity. For those of you who are as selective as I am, this is the first thing that you should note while selecting a beer- note the clarity: cloudy, turbid, clear, sparkling or opaque.

As you pour, also try and note its refreshing fruity aroma. It is flavorful and slightly fruity. The perfect brew for roasted or barbequed chicken. Another feather in the cap of Mahou is that it is decently priced at 100 INR for 500ml can, 150 INR for 650ml bottle and 80INR for pint in Delhi.

So take out your grills, open a can and raise a toast!

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