Restaurant Review: Beer Café, Breakfast Menu

We live in India, the official representatives of the masters of laziness. And this absolutely dull phase of laziness escalates to degree on Sunday mornings.

Waking up from the slumber, we are in a phase of proximity with the bed. But as the minutes pass, our stomach grumbles in hunger, craving for the rich American Bacon and the classic English eggs along the sumptuous French toast. But we finally settle for good old package food thanks to the laziness index.

But worry no more! Beer Café is to the rescue. Introducing the Breakfast Menu, now you don’t need to drool around by imagining a tasty breakfast menu, but actually savoring it. Offering a hearty menu from 9am to 12pm, they are sure to fulfill our culinary desires.


Sunday winter mornings are as cozy as it gets. As me and my brother, Arindam Mazumdar entered the premises, warmth engulfed us. The winter Sun peeping through the tall Gurgaon buildings, falling on the tabled porch was charming. Located in DLF Super Mart-1, DLF Phase 4, it was easy to spot.


We entered the premises and it was so warm again. The light was mild and cozy. The seating arrangement complimented the decorations too. Bar styled high seats, diner sections and couches, everything was in contrast, well organized, pleasing ambience.

The store manager and staff were welcoming too. So, we settled down for the food.

German Omelet: Oh, we were definitely hungry. And the sight of a platter full of omelet lit us up. First bite, and, it was sumptuous, every bite, fulfilling. The taste hit us as every well-cooked omelet should have, mildly. The chicken felt juicy and the taste was complimenting the texture. The pickle in the omelet provided rich contrast with the overall flavoring. The dips of tomato ketchup and mustard were just perfect.


Cheese Omelet: Cheese, every one of us love it, don’t we? And that too in an omelet. The cheesy flavor hits later. The mild hint of Cheese was enough to open our taste buds. A true cheese lover could have done better with cheese on top. The same dips of tomato ketchup and mustard complimented the dish. The mushroom playing hide and seek was a delight and well balanced.

Masala Chai: Who doesn’t like to have a good, strong cup of tea on a Sunday morning? A 100 mile truck driver tea standard, it was. The smell of it, the colour, the presentation. It’s presence in a Beer Café was surprising and mesmerizing. Perfect milk and sugar. Strong masala did magic and ward off whatever laziness we had. We loved it so much, two cups were drowned in the blink of an eye.

United Plates of America: Oh! A platter full of American, delightful breakfast. Beautiful presentation, they had. The presence of golden toasted bread with glazing bacon (pork) slices delighted us. The scrambled eggs set the juices in our mouth flowing. The hash brownies were golden, crispy and succulent on the inside. The lentils, the center of the platter made us happy with the sweet-salty combination. The bread was surely crunchy. The eggs were mild and great. The bacon, sumptuous and well cooked. The full flavor of meat was highlighted. Lentils, best on the platter. Bacon + Lentils = Combination Awesome. The hash brownies, so good, it gets you high.


Now the only thing for which we put our stomachs empty, were pancakes.

Pancakes, Honey and Maple Syrup: The best pancakes we had out of the comfort zone of our houses. Period. Reason? It made us remember Mum’s pancakes. The sweet playful flavor of banana was surprising. The maple syrup was mild. But, what won the dish was the strong honey flavor that left you with a mouthful. It looks like it has been cooked at home with the same love and care as our mother would have made it. This was the highest honor we could bestow.


Overall: In all, all we can say is wake up every Sunday without worries. Just wear your jacket and head to the Beer Café to have the long awaited breakfast to satisfy your hungry tummy. Bon Appétit!



Review Credit – Sabyasachi Talukdar

Photo Credit – Sabyasachi Talukdar

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