India, take the pledge to #SwitchtoPOOL Solve Traffic, Win Free UBER POOL for a Month!

Change it a good thing but not when it is for the worst. Delhi traffic is getting more terrible day by day. From Gurgaon to Connaught Place used to take 45 mins to and hour and now it takes an hour and a half to 2 hours. One can’t keep appointments and one is never ever on time. It is extremely disappointing because excessive traffic can be very unnerving.
Only yesterday I was stuck in traffic for over 3-4 hours and I decided that I would try and avoid as many events as I can because I could see so much frustration in my partner while he was driving. He seemed exhausted, he kept swearing and it was an extremely tense atmosphere.

It is time to make a push across India to #SwitchtoPOOL through the end of the year. I feel the only reason there has been an insane increase in traffic is because the number of cabs have multiplied in the recent past. Together, we can make an impact and reduce traffic congestion and carbon emissions buy joining UBER in their endeavour to make a change.

We have to use UBER to track our collaborative impact in real time and UBER will send us a personal impact report each week to see our individual contribution. By participating, you could win a FREE MONTH of uberPOOL. So it’s a WIN WIN!
SwitchToPOOL has been embraced by a lot of people and over 29,878 pledges have been made already. With this effort almost 30,638 litres of fuel has been saved. The best part is that over ₹2,76,74,093 has been saved by people who have decided to use pool instead of individual cabs.
The process is simple, take the pledge, enter promo code SWITCH2POOL in the Uber app. Pool Ride on uberPOOL through Jan. 4, 2016 and every trip counts as an additional entry to win.Pooling enters you into weekly drawings for a FREE MONTH* of uberPOOL. Winners to be announced each week on Thursdays, now through Jan. 5, 2016.
Traffic congestion is becoming an epidemic and we may blame the government for traffic and roads but if we the people don’t take steps to change this, it will remain as it is. To break status quo we have to SwitchToPOOL. With 22% of all CO2 emissions globally coming from transportation, this congestion contributes to Indian citizens facing 4.4x to 12x the safe level of annual exposure to air pollution (World Health Organization, 2016). Using public transportation and carpooling are ways we can take action today to combat rising congestion and pollution in our cities.
Read an Open letter from Amit Jain, President of India and South Asia, Uber.
To summarise, we as the people of a heavily polluted country and city must find ways to reduce CO2 emission as the environmental impact of pollution can be catastrophic for our coming generations. The pollution levels in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore have gone up so much that we don’t recognise the city as it used it be 15 years ago.
By choosing to SwitchToPOOL we reduce waste in terms of space occupied by parking lots in crowded cities. This space can be used in much better ways and we can be the ones responsible for making our cities less congested, cleaner and greener.

How to Participate & Take the Pledge:

  1. Enter promo code SWITCH2POOL in the Uber app

  2. Take uberPOOL trips through Jan 4th to be entered to win a FREE MONTH of uberPOOL

  3. One winner will be announced every Thursday

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