Product Review & Launch: Bonhomia Brewlt


We all have cravings for a strong, aromatic, tasty cup of coffee at the comfort of our home and no matter how much we try there is always something missing in our perfect cup. Either the taste isn’t right or the scent isn’t awakening enough, something is always lacking. To solve this, Bonhomia has introduced the new elite Brewlt, the coffee brewer which uses coffee capsules to give you a delicious cup of coffee at the comfort of your homes at the press of a button!


The sleek and stylish brewer can fit into any corner of your home and help enhance your coffee experience. All you have to do is fill the water jar and add coffee capsules (ingredients from the best of the coffee beans extracted and encapsulated together) at the top section, your favorite coffee is ready in less than 30 seconds! These coffee capsules come in a variety of flavors like Organic Bliss (Intensity 4), Free Love (Intensity 5), Dark Deeds (Intensity 8), Black Veil (Intensity 9), Decaf (Intensity 5), as well as flavoured coffee capsules in Vanilla, Chocolate and Hazelnut.


Milk can be added by the help of an extra frother. It has two buttons: cold and hot, so that you don’t have to put in extra efforts in controlling the temperature of your coffee. After adding everything, your coffee will look something like this:


See how the layers decorate the cup? You can achieve this too without acquiring any artistic skills with the help of the Brewlt. Just visit or log into Amazon and order your piece of this limited edition beauty and enjoy your coffee at its best taste.

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