Travel Story #36: Journeying through Italian History

Italy is rich in cinema, culture and historical significance. Known to have dominated the world and influencing large sections of the globe, Italy still enamours tourists from across the globe.

The ‘Boot of the World’ draws over 48 million tourists every year for its famous landmarks, the tourist in you may get carried away in search of its forgotten past.

To travel across three cities in just 10 days, the perfect way to get there is to fly on SpiceJet to Mumbai and get the connecting flight to Italy via British Airways. Tourists usually engross themselves in reading places of interest before they leave to their destination of travel. Common ways to learn about this is through PDF printouts and reviewing common blogs and websites on the region.



At Rome, be amazed not by the sheer size of the Pantheon but by the circular pattern that moves across the dome as the sun rays passed through the gap in the roof above. This Pantheon was initially a Roman temple that was converted to a Church.  Other places of attraction are the Spanish Steps, Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain and the Palazzo Valentini.


Trevi Fountain

The Trenitalia bullet train to Florence is both economical and the quickest mode of transport within the country. Travellers will begin to enjoy and appreciate Italy’s untouched scenic beauty seen between the cities and towns. Italians are friendly, warm and charming people that use their hands to communicate with us, tourists despite the language barrier!


Leaning Tower of Pisa

In Florence, the city grows on you with its towering churches and marketplaces. The Ponte Vecchio bridge houses some of the most expensive jewelers and luxury brands from across the globe. The Piazza della Signoria had tall statues with a mix of the modern and historic. The Piazza della Signoria provides an insight into the Renaissance movement through its art form and intricate sculptures.

At Venice, accommodation can be found based on availability and pricing. From the Rialto Bridge, cafes and pizzerias dot the grand canal, as the Venetians have their fill of cappuccinos and croissants for breakfast. St. Mark’s Square is a crowd puller and hosts several classical symphonies that bring the place to life. From petite shops selling gelatos to pricey restaurants, clothing to artifacts, St. Mark’s Square has it all.

Italy has its own charm and character that requires several trips to truly appreciate it.

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