Christmas Celebrations @ Radisson Blu Plaza, Delhi

IMG_6086.JPGBetter than being stuck in Delhi Gurgaon traffic in evening do some good to yourself, drop by Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi, Mahipalpur, and join Christmas celebrations. Christmas bells have started ringing at Radisson Delhi. Onset of Celebrations at the place welcomes Christmas and New Year with open hands. It is going to be a merry experience for all, as the hotel readies itself in the Christmas theme.


We were stuck after a long day at office in the traffic on Delhi Gurgaon Highway near mahipalpur. My friend suggested lets drop by a drink or two at Radisson and by the time traffic will sort. We entered the place and were welcomed by a sweet fragrance of Bread. At the entrance, they have placed a huge Christmas tree and the Santa’s sleigh.IMG_6098.JPG

Children riding in that, girls clicking selfies , Santa and Santorina playing with the kids and distributing Gifts. Wow, what a contrast we were into 5 minutes back. Celebrations and festive mood all around, we imbibed in the mood of the place and forgot about all the stress levels. It was such a soothing and relaxing experience after a hard day that every penny spent felt worth.


There is huge traditional ginger bread house filled with Christmas goodies. Dresdner Stollens, Blackforest & Strawberry Yule Log cakes, Star cookies, Mince Pies, Plum Pudding, Rich Plum Cakes and a lot more to choose from these goodies for your loved ones.


IMG_6080.JPGThey have a special theme for the day each day at New York Café like the one from Italian, Mexican until the celebration continues till the 1st of January 2017. That is not the only theme, one can choose from Indian and other regular menu as well. One can also savor the authentic Thai cuisine at Neung Roi as well. They serve from 7pm till midnight.


One can take pleasure at The Great Kabab factory. Their signature kababs, Galouti and Barrah are a necessary try for a non-vegetarian Indian food lover.


So grab your slice of Christmas Turkey and lot more, celebrate Christmas and welcome New Year, with and at Radisson Delhi.


Happy Eating… 🙂

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