#EncouragingGirls – Merry Christmas


IMG_20161209_194605.jpgCreativity is flexibility of ideas. We all are creative in our own terms; however, the worth is, when a creative thought is implemented fantastically. It becomes all the more important and deserves an appreciation when this change from the regular sends a strong positive message to the society. Le Meridien, New Delhi lives the all-new concept of lady Santa this Christmas.


This year the creative community LM100 of Le Meridien, dedicated the celebration of Christmas to the potential of girl child. The message of “Encouraging the Girls” was sung by each element at the celebration. The Christmas tree crafted in a unique style, in a shape of two girls helping each other to grow in life. Nina Vaskunlahti, ambassador of Finland to India, inaugurated this unique and inspirational Christmas tree.

Meaning is added to the date of Christmas, i.e. the number 25. This occasion also enjoyed the graduation of 25 girls. These girls hail from diverse demographics and have been nurtured with intense hotel operations training by Le Meridien. This training equips them to face and master the professional challenges of a job. The program together with NGO partner Joining Hands was flagged of 6 months back by honorable Minister for women and child development, Mrs. Maneka Gandhi.

Twist to the fervor of Christmas is added by introducing the concept of Lady Santa. This is something never seen or thought before, a Santa never brings to mind a female. This is truly inspirational, the sound of Lady Santa. It is representation of girl power.


The event educates that we all need to break from our conventional thinking and add a new spirit to what we do and how we do. We need to change and add a new and different meaning to society. Kudos and all the best to Le Meridien, New Delhi for this great and larger than life initiative and what a way to do it. Keep going. Merry Christmas.

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