The Big “Lil Flea”


Yes, its back. The lil flea which started on 9th of December, this Friday will end today, on 11th of December.

You step in the flea and you will know, its all about colours. The entrance has colourful drapes welcoming you with lots joy. The fun, music, feel of the flea just gets to you.

Lil flea becomes a true weekend get-away for Mumbaikars. You can enjoy shopping,food, activities, music all at one place. What I specially find attractive about the market is, its decor, theme and arrangement of the stalls.

Shopping, and who does not like shopping. I really love exploring the different takes on kurtis and traditional wear, you find each year in lil flea.



Guys, check out the amazing cuff-links, tie-pins, ties, bows, leather products, this year lil flea has to offer. I had spent more time exploring these collection than the women’s wear. The cuff-links, tie-pins and the lapel pins are interesting and well priced, starting from just Rs 700. One Leather product stall which I really loved, was the “Messy Corner“. It was  offering personalised and handmade diaries, passport covers and cases with your name curved in metal and couple of pins of your choice.


Among all the home decor stalls, do check out “Thumri“. A contemporary take on home decor stuff from jute. I wanted to buy the Love and hope, decorated bottles which were again well priced at Rs 800 for the set of 4.

And how can I forget accessories. I have never come out of the lil flea without buying some accessory.This year, i bought Hand accessory and a pretty blue coloured clutch to go with my Indian outfits, this wedding season. And they were amazingly priced at just Rs 100. So do not miss them and check them out at ” The Elves on the Shelf”. You can also check out their Facebook page for more products and ordering online.

But this one, had amazing take on kids room decor. from little wooden chair, Arm chairs for kids, to wall hangings, and frames, just for your little ones. They also had some lovely lantern frames, vintage wooden jewellery boxes, with flower decoration. I can easily decorate my whole room with these pretty stuff.

There is delicious Food stalls, from burgers, pizzas, falafel, biryani to something for your sweet tooth, like waffles and ice creams. Yes, also check out “Oh! fudge” for their different yummy fudges.

Kids can enjoy in their designated play and activity area. So parents, you need not worry that your children will get bored.

An in all this, girls, if you feel you need a touch up, there is a powder room, just for you.

In the middle of all the shopping and eating, you are entertained with live music. And guys, our favourite band, Indian Ocean will be performing live today. so do not miss it.

Lil Flea, is the best weekend plan you can make. So, do visit it today, or you will get this chance only next year. The tickets are priced at Rs 250 per person. Go, become a Wanderlust.



Credit: Portraiture by Pari
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