“Baked 2”, Let the plot speak & let the viewers enjoy the all new Season

It’s a delight to announce the launch of Baked Season 2!

ScoopWhoop is back with it’s phenomenal web-series, “Baked”, and it only has one thing to serve and portray to its audiences and viewers is to drive the frenzy to an all new level.

“BAKED” Season 1 chronicled the inadvertent adversities in the lives of three university goers who happens to be residing together in one flat as mates and that eventually decided to start a midnight food delivery service namely ‘Wake & Bake’. Rest the viewers love has proved to be a substantiating factor of how much this journey of this trio has been adored by their audiences and web series lovers, Follow up and stay tuned for your favorite DU boys as they embark on an all new and conspicuously even more crazier ride, delivering food and encountering misadventures with “Baked” Season 2.

This genre-bending series puts up the expectation rise and takes the stake up, to take you on a roller coaster ride as the trio juggles between student life with business, and transiently manages to land themselves into troubles unexpected.

A little inside information to the readers as the mentioned Web -series is Produced by Pechkas Pictures and ScoopWhoop Talkies, “Baked” is the nation’s most pioneering and surprisingly fictional web-series which concatenates  the misfortunes of three university flatmates who decide to start a midnight food delivery service.

With 23 minute long episodes, over 40 characters, and 30 different locations, this 7 part series is slated to be the biggest thing from India to hit the internet space.

Stay tuned and must watch all the episodes to keep up the pumping adrenaline from this series to be equally as bouncing as the interest of waiting for it was.

All episodes are out and streaming live, enjoy with ScoopWhoop and here is a little glance to its poster.


Review Credit : SAGAR

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