Restaurant Review: Tourist, Janpath, Delhi

Entering tourist you definitely feel the vibe of a traveller. its quirky, upbeat, fun and makes you want to plan your travels and head out. It’s beautifully and very tastefully done up with some really quirky decor elements. I specially loved the bunk bed seating, the globe shaped pendant lights and the posters that brought a fun element of wanderlust to the whole space.


And talking about the space, I was amazed at the size of tourist. Spread over 3 floors, the place is huge. The best part of the space is the terrace. A lovely place to host a party.
Loved the space and decor, However, the food could have been better. Don’t get it wrong. It wasn’t bad it’s just that as a reviewer I’ve had better and this restaurant has a lot of competition.

However, Tourist isn’t just a restaurant, it is a party place and that is what it does best. If you are looking for a place to chill with friends or work colleagues, pick Tourist. Works for me!

About the food, for starters we tried the mushroom balls, which were too crunchy as the breaded part overpowered the subtleness that the mushrooms inside. Lacking flavour in the overall dish.


We also tried the mutton seekh Kabab, I have had much better ones, so would skip this for sure.


For the main course we had some grilled fish and grilled chicken which , to be very very honest had no flavour at all. It was served with a lemon sauce, but it added no flavour. Being a fish lover I still left the plate untouched. The dips that were served were interesting, even though the snacks didn’t do much to my taste buds. The plating of the food was really intricate and beautifully done.


Pizza was a surprise element. It was perfectly done up. Thin crust with a good serving of toppings, fresh and light.


The drinks were quite delicious. Tourist did some really cool drinks.. Tried a cocktail that they call LPG and guess what they serve it in an actual miniature LPG cylinder. The sangria was nice and fruity.

Overall I would recommend to try Tourist for its quirky ambience and interesting drinks.
Food – well try for other things on the menu.

Picture Credit: RS Photography/Tourist Janpath

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