Book Review: A Tall Order by Kapil Pathare


Kapil Pathare’s new book is a reminder of the golden era of Indian cricket. It is a collection of stories, anecdotes and even the myth surrounding our greatest ever cricketers.

Kapil is an avid cricket enthusiast that is clear even before you read the first page and his eloquent and lucid style of writing is easy to read. It is steeped in cricket nostalgia and as someone who grew up in this golden age of cricket , Kapil takes you there in those moments. You can relive what you were doing when Zaheer snarled at Hayden in the 2003 WC final or the Kolkata 2001 test or when Dada brought the much-needed aggression in the Indian side.


The book is an educated fan’s take on many interesting and tough periods for Indian cricket and thankfully the book does not hold back in its criticism of many strategies of players including MS Dhoni, something I found quite correct too.

The book could have tried to take specific instances from these champion cricketers lives and derive useful business/management learnings from them. Also, I thought the chapter on Sachin Tendulkar was too reverential (although I don’t blame him) as I do think he was a bad captain and could not bring the best out of the team. Alas! it is A point of view among billions in our country.

Overall, I enjoyed the book as it reminded me of why I love this amazing game and I thank the author for bringing a well-studied book that looks at the game from a fan’s perspective. I think that is reason enough to celebrate.

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