Book Review: Every Gift Matters by Carrie Morgridge with John Perry



The book ‘ Every Gift Matters’  deserves deep appreciation for inspiring us to get involved with those in our community  who desperately need our assistance. I think it is a must read for all Indians- Students, teachers , corporate Heads, rich and all those who want to  give something back to the society. Many of us have in us to help others but we do not know how best to do it. Merely  giving out money  to donations  neither gives full satisfaction  nor it is fully effective. This is where this great book comes as a blessing as a guide to help us to help others .

Carrie and John have demonstrated through their exemplary actions that many a time even a very small donation can set the ball rolling  for others to follow ,which slowly but surely gathers huge momentum to give succour to hundreds and sometimes thousands of needy people.

They way  Carrie and her Team revolutionized learning in schools through technology is really amazing.  We must introduce this in our schools which are struggling to  bring improvements through computer and internet.

Their Foundation , the Morgridge Family Foundation, contributed  liberally but intelligently , based on critical evaluation of the recipients so that their efforts in terms of money, talent , time and other resources could have a multiplier effect. It is a great lesson on how to maximize your donations and gifts to benefit the largest number of the disadvantaged. She has shown how her deep involvement with projects at Denver Museum of Nature and Science, National Jewish Health University, Mile High United Way, KIPPS Schools, The Nature Conservancy and Second Harvest Food Bank, all in USA, can make a remarkable difference to  so many lives especially of  the deprived children.

The book has been an eye –opener for me and I believe it will be for many others who read this fantastic work. I would put this book on a high pedestal because it is not only a very inspiring book but also shows us how leadership can  be so  important and critical in lifting the poor and marginalized members of our society.

Many of us would definitely be inspired by the outstanding work of philanthropy and the innovative ways the community can be taken on board to make a huge  impact on our society.

No words can describe what a noble work the Foundation  has been  doing and how much they could achieve through their leadership. I recommend the book to one and all . I am sure many of us in India would be truly motivated to do something significant after reading this marvelous book .

Publisher – Greenleaf

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