The Domino’s Quattro Formaggi Burst Pizza – Yes or No?

I have been a Domino’s pizza fan since I first had it when it opened its doors in Delhi in 1996. The moment I had my first pizza I was hooked to the cheesy goodness that it was. I used to love toppings like chicken, corn, pineapple and cottage cheese on my pizza and I could never have enough cheese!

I have always loved Domino’s pizza the most. I have tried other pizzas but there is something special about the crust in a Domino’s pizza. I like the stick to the same variant too because I know exactly what I like.

However, everytime Domino’s pizza introduces something new, I have to give it a try and write about it. I remember when Domino’s introduced the Burger Pizza, I was one of the first people in my group to give it a try and tell everyone about it.


The latest on Domino’s pizza’s menu is – the Quattro Formaggi Burst Pizza. “Quattro Formaggi” literally translated means”four cheese”. I was very pleased when Dominos finally introduced the four cheese pizza, it was long due. Normally a four cheese pizza has ricotta, mozzarella, gorgonzola piccante and parmesan but other cheeses could be used. This is a proper gourmet pizza with just the right amount of everything. The reason they call it “burst” is because the moment you bite into it a layer of yellow and white ‘liquidy’ cheese oozes out!


I picked my favourite toppings as usual and added a lot of Domino’s pizza’s signature oregano to it. Btw, no one does oregano like Domino’s pizza!
It’s time for you to visit your nearest Domino’s, try the Quattro Formaggi Burst pizza now and tell me what you think about it….



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2 thoughts on “The Domino’s Quattro Formaggi Burst Pizza – Yes or No?

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