Restaurant Review: Stroke House, GTB Nagar, Delhi


First taste bud is eyes, and stroke house wins it all at its very first stroke. Each dish beautifully curated is strong enough for weak willed fasting person. All preparations served seem to be an artwork and I felt like clicking and posting the pictures on my wall of my room, so that I can view it daily. 100 cents awarded for the presentation.


The staff is very humble and cute and tries to give their best. Ambience is casual, gets a pinch of freshness from in house plants. You want to go for easy dining in a casual mood; the place is just for it.

Huge variety on menu to choose from, so if you are the one who…I hope you got the pun, will be able to find something. The taste is the most important part of any eatery. Stroke house doesn’t serve each preparation with a taste which is unknown; however does it in a way which is unknown.



Each dish prepared and served has a unique style of presentation and which definitely adds a taste to eye and tongue. USPs of the place is Guava Chilly drink, Stroke House Punch, Tiramisu and the world class way of presenting and serving them. The place is located next to north campus, a good place for hangout with friends, reunions or a casual date.


Price is moderate, as the serving portion is quite a much. One dish per person is a challenge to finish.

One of my personal reasons to like it is that the place serves only vegetarian. I really struggle with my 200 percent vegetarian family and friends, when they don’t even want to eat at the place which cooks non vegetarian food. The place is answer to such cases and saves me from going to as always dosa, chaat and chole bhature shops.


All in all, I liked the place for ambiance, food, service and..what’s more, these are enough to like a restaurant… 🙂


Do visit and share your experience.
Happy eating… 🙂


Location: 2531, 2nd Floor, Hudson Lane, GTB Nagar, New Delhi

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