Vibe – The Sky Bar @ Hilton Garden Inn, Gurgaon

When you are in Gurgaon and you see the Skyline from every quarter, what do you feel? The feeling is to fly off and hover the sky on your own terms. That’s that you do when you move to the inconspicuous Vibe- The sky Bar @ Hilton Garden Inn in Gurgaon. It stands in the middle of everything, yet you never felt it. The finger licking food made so special by Chef Sunil who hails from Jiapur and has worked with all the leading hotels chains.img_7908

The Menu specially prepared for the First Anniversary of Vibe was so sumptuous and vast covering Fresh and Greens, Sushi, Soup,Shawarma Grills, teppanyaki, Handmade pasta, Dimsum. On the table was a Sparkling sipping and eating lolly which melted in your mouth over time or if you were greedy enough to gulp it.


While the Champagne Chuski infused and the Orange peel Sangria whetted the appetite, Soumitra, The Food and Beverage Manager ensured we had the signature Bubble gum Vodka, Achari Mojito and Candiquiri.unadjustednonraw_thumb_10a4

Wondering where to start the sumptious Buffet, which was a tough choice, the choice was futher increased by the ever charming Ankeeta who handles the PR and Marketing for the hotels at Gurgaon and Saket. Just a small gesture from the lady ushered in Bamboo Chiken which was so special that it just melted in the mouth. wondering again what would be next.unadjustednonraw_thumb_10c9

After the delectable food served it was time to have a sorbet break from eating and behold it seemed to be on the mind of everyone around. There was a interactive demonstration of making candiquiri and Bubblegum Vodka cocktails.

Time to move on to the main course with a choice of Eggplant broccoli and sugar snaps in thai green curry, Charred Courgette with avocado.for the Indian options there was the amazing finger licking Dal Makhani with Murg Zafrani Pulao and Mirch ka Salaan served along with Pesto Naan,Cheese naan.unadjustednonraw_thumb_10f3

Eyes are Hungry and the stomach says no more, but the place has just started buzzing the range of desserts is something to die for. Beetroot ki Chakki,Marmalade Cake, Salted Caramel Brownies, Mint Chocolate tea cake and Crunchy Chocolate pudding to name a few. as they say the Icing on the cake is the unknown. Chef Sunil and his team came out with Kulfi Shots, guessing it right it came in a syringe.

Gosh this party in never ending and the sky has started to turn Orange and here we are still eating. This is so much fun to be and the party never stops.Feeling like there is no tomorrow for the Foodies. This is one of a kind place to be with and feel the VIBE.


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