Pizza Masterclass @The Dirty Apron



Who does not love a hot, spicy, well baked pizza? And what if you are told that you can learn the art of cooking the same at your home?  Exciting, right! That’s what I thought when I went to the Pizza Masterclass at The Dirty Apron, organized by BetterButter. With The Dirty Apron Chef Manoj Pandey and BetterButter Chef Ruchika, not only I witnessed what it takes to make the perfect pizza, I also understood the science behind the ingredients from the flour to vegetables and spices,that can be blended together to the kneading and cooking process with the right amount of temperature and time that gives the pizza the perfect flavor. Did you know that the perfectly risen dough can completely enhance your pizza experience? Well, this is how your favorite thin crust base is cooked into a woodfire oven:

You can season your choice of vegetables and sauce and keep them aside to be added to your pizzas. While some may like a colorful and heavy farmhouse, some may be simply happy with onion and tomatoes.

IMG_20161202_164159.jpgWe just made a spice tomato passata sauce with different bell peppers and babycorns. It was one of the healthy and fulfilling combos!


See how delicious it looks with all the garnishing? The WoodFire oven adds an aromatic smokey taste which playfully teases our cravings. The Chef also added a little pepperoni to it, and my non vegetarian friends could swear that it was one of the best they had ever had!


Did you know that just pesto with some freshly cut pears can also fulfill your pizza cravings without making you feel gluttony guilty? Yeah, check it for yourself!


The chocolate sauce on top gives a surprising sweet flavor to the whole dish and wins your heart! Have some leftover dough in your bowl? Just fill it with some banana and dark chocolate pieces, and you have gifted yourself a calzone dessert!

If you are a foodie and looking for ways to pleasure your taste buds, download the betterbutter app and master the technique behind these scrumptious dishes. Treat yourself, and have fun too!

You can visit the Betterbutter website at or download the app for Android click here: and for iOS here:, or you can also follow their page at Facebook @BetterButterCo and at Instagram : (undersore)betterbutter(underscore).

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