The Great Kebab Factory – Food Review

It is always challenging to serve something that is local to the place. Kebabs are served all around the city of Delhi. In addition, there are sections of old Delhi that are a well-known kebab hub. All this makes the task tough for great kebab factory. Especially when you have that word great in your name, the onus to set the high standards is manifold. The great kebab factory at Radisson Delhi, tries well to justify the name.



The gelauti kebab is the hero and the complimentary roti served with it is the lead woman. The roti is mildly sweet, very soft, not too much dry, has texture that is a perfect blend with superbly seamless kebab. Just have to place the kebab in mouth and it will be gone, such magical it is.

Prawns, tandoori chicken are just prepared to make you fall in love at first bite. This is all about starters; do they serve anything apart from kebabs?



There are lots more in the bag and quite a variety in main course and desserts. My personal favorite in the main course is chicken biryani. Preparation has bone less chicken pieces, succulent, and mildly flavoured.



There is lot to choose from Indian breads. Naan, Garlic Naan, Butter naan, Missi roti and you can assume the usual ongoing list.

IMG_20161127_145519.jpgOne good thing about all preparations was that they all had a good after taste. Very well flavoured with spices and nothing was too much or too less.



I tried beetroot halwa, kulfi, jalebi rabri and cream gulab jamun. Cream gulab jamun was something first time for me.



A base like that of a crushed biscuit, with gulab jamun sandwiched between cream at the top. It was a kind of fusion of pastry and gulab jamun. It was something that tastes Indian and looks western.



So, this was my story from starters to dessert at the great kebab factory. Go explore and let me know yours

Happy eating… ☺

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