Restaurant Review: Farzi Cafe, Dubai

The word molecular gastronomy takes me back to my childhood when I got to attend these trendy birthday parties filled with artificial snow and glitters. The first feeling I had as I entered Farzi, is one of “de ja vu”. There was mist in the air created from the snow that is almost part of every dish and this mist bought with it all the different flavours that I have grown up playing around with, in my kitchen and just like that I got #farzified.



Farzi café comes from the house of Jigg’s and Zorawar Karla and opened doors in Dubai at City Walk 2 about 6months ago. Zorawar Karla has over 40 years of experience in studying the Indian food & beverage market and is known as the ‘prince of Indian cuisine’. He is also known for introducing some of the most genre defining restaurants concepts in Indian Cuisine under Massive Restaurants Umbrella.

When my friend Ridhima Sinha invited me to join her at Farzi Café, my initial reaction was I am not sure if I would like my Indian food served in a gastronomy format. Gastronomy to me is like a Salman Khan Bollywood movie, it is got all the right ingredients to make it a blockbuster. And you often come out of the theatre thinking to yourself “movie main khas mazaa nahi aya”. And like any Salman Khan fan would watch the movie either ways,  the foodie in me was dying to experience the molecular gastronomy concept. And I should say irrespective of my initial apprehensions I walked out of Farzi Café feeling “happy, contented and full. All the things a good meal is supposed to make you feel afterward”.

The following 2 hours of being seated at our table by “……………” we were put on an eating marathon and came out #farzified. The menu itself is massive and I think we had a taste of at least half the things on the menu. The staff was very courteous and took time to explain to us in detail about the dishes and drinks that were served on our table.

Our meal started with a palette cleanser and appetite builder which helps in building an appetite for the courses ahead of you. It pops in your mouth, just a little teaser before the main movie starts playing.


This was followed by two rounds of starters, some amazing mains and a mouth-watering dessert.

Here are some of my favourites from what was served to us:

*complete list and names of food that was served to us is listed at the end of this post.

Tempura Prawns: This Tempura prawns was unlike any other tempura I had prior to this. I know you must be thinking how different can ‘Tempura Prawns’ be. Get yourself to Farzi Café, order the Tempura Prawns, have a bite and let us chat about how different it can be. Firstly, its orange in colour and comes with a foamy chutney. The dish has got a tanginess which reminds you of the Chinese flavours. Other than that, if you’re looking for a traditional crispy tempura this dish is not for you.


Devilled Quail Eggs: The way this dish was presented to us it was ‘beauty’, served on a cut open bottle, elevated with a copper metal chain and the presentation made me want to just admire the beauty and not eat it. And boy was I wrong, one taste of the dish and all I did was kept nibbling on this dish for throughout the rest of my meal. Absolutely delicious!


Butter Chicken Bun: Every dish has a story to it and the presentation of these dishes takes cue from its story. If there is one dish that will make me visit Farzi café again, it got to be this one. Butter Chicken as such needs no introduction. Farzi Café has managed to take my Butter Chicken experience to the next level layered in between the soft white buns. Those little stars on the image is just because I loved it so much, I thought it needed some extra attention.


And then Dessert: Honestly, I have mixed feeling about the dessert it was one of those dishes which I badly wanted to like, because the way it was presented to me, was so mind bogglingly beautiful. But that was that. It was just another book with a beautiful cover.


Throughout the course of our meal we were also treated to some amazing mocktails which kept our taste buds tickling between the different courses. The experience in itself was a memorable one, the ambience is great, the staff are very friendly and know their food, which to me is a big plus as I am a molecular gastronomy illiterate.

Verdict: Other than the Climax, the rest of the show was worth a taste and the overall experience was second to none. Now coming to the million dollar question; Will I visit again? yes for the butter chicken buns. You have me #farzified on those buns Farzi Café 😉

Thinking of being back in my kitchen; a whole new world is awaiting to be explored.  Mist or no mist playing with flavours is always fun. Thank you Ridhima Sinha for a wonderful dining experience.

What we were served:

Beverage :
• Berry blues | Bootlegger | Farzi sangria | It’s you

Food :
• Butter chicken bun | Chermoula panner tikka | Chicken tikka masala | Dal chawal arancini | Devilled quail eggs | Pita golgappa | Risotto phirni oxide | Tandoori mushrooms | Tempura prawns

Address: Building No.5, Near Reel Cinemas, City Walk Phase 2, Al Safa – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 4 394 2556



Credit: Ridhima
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