New healthy calorie counted meals with First Eat

Theres a new kid on the block in the universe of healthy eating. First Eat delivers calorie counted,balanced,fresh and surprisingly tasty meals at home.


Through their app ( both on ios and Android) you can order the meals and enjoy each one.


I started the meal with their idli salad. It is a combination of fresh idlis along with a flavoursome pepper salad. The portion size was very generous but you need to have it straight out of the box lest the idlis go hard.


The two items that stood out for me were the heaven’s garden chicken salad and the chicken sandwich. The most important test for a healthy meal service is that it balances flavour, taste and health well as people always expect tastier food with as less calories as possible. First Eat manage to this well with most of their foods.


The only item I did not like much was their thali. The elements like palak paneer and choley could have been better without the need for adding more calories, so they can certainly improve on that.


Overall though it is a good way of staying in shape whilst getting food full of flavour and taste. Do try this one


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