Dear Zindagi with Inox Muchos @ Inox Jungpura, Delhi

IMG_20161201_093800.jpg‘Muchos’. The word instantly popped a mental image of something small and adorable, pouting its pretty lips towards me and when I saw the new snack range launched by Inox, it just completed the picture. With popcorns flavoured with Toffee & Caramel, Chipotle Chillies, Cheese & Pepper and Pineapple & Green Chillies (yes, you read it right! Sweet Pineapple with tingling Chillies will tickle your taste buds!), you won’t be able to stop at one. Nachos lovers would be grateful! From Tomato & Bell Peppers to Cheese & Jalapeno to Piri Piri Chilli & Lemon, these peppy triangles will keep you asking for more. What’s wonderful is that they come with a Cheesy Dip inside, so no longer running to the fridge for the bowl of sauce, you can snack them up lazily at your couch itself! These flavours offer a wonderful extension to the regular ones we encounter at any movie theatre which gives us a very good reason to hit an Inox next time we plan to watch a movie. For not-so-movie-buffs, these packs are available at all retail stores at pocket-friendly rates to satisfy your munching cravings. All those potato chip lovers out there? Muchos offers you two great flavours of baked potato crisps: Sea Salt and Permesan & Cheddar Cheese, that too trans-fat free! So what are you waiting for? Grab your pack and start munching!


Just as I did, while watching Dear Zindagi at Inox Jungpura, which, by the way is bollywood’s comeback. Alia Bhatt has smoothly portrayed the role of Kaira, a young, upcoming cinematographer who goes through an emotional turmoil in all her relationships which affects her professional space, when she breaks up with Raghuvendra, played by Kunal Kapoor, the Producer of her new movie. Enter Shah Rukh Khan with his charming character of Dr. Jehangir Khan, a therapist who untangles Kaira’s problems one-by-one so soothingly that it makes us realize how it’s we who have built our burdens and how easy it is to let go of them. Gauri Shinde, once again has picked up an everyday issue, this time of mental illness which is widely prevalent today and can be found even in the person sitting next to you. Her refreshing take on life and the people around will refresh your view of life and give you the courage to love life more freely and swiftly. If smiling endlessly is in your to-do list for the weekend, then this movie is a must watch! And ladies, be ready to drool over all the cute men in the movies! A promising treat for the eyes coming up!


Summing up, if you like to binge on movies and food in your leisure, then Inox is the place to go! With a good movie playing and tasty bites in your hands, there’s no better way to make most of your weekend!

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