Master Class @ Beer Café, Gurgaon

Beer Café @ Super mart 1, Gurugram organized a beer tasting session to introduce the beer enthusiasts to the art of Beer Drinking. The master class was conducted by Mr. Nitin Tewari of the #bartrender; a well renowned Bar & Beverage consultant. The class started with a little bit of history, the mystery and the elegance that a simple glass of Belgian beer has to offer. the beers tasted for the night were Hoegaarden, Stella Artois (Are 2wa), Leffe Blonde & Corona (Mexican).

We all often categorize “beer” as a rugged manly drink and associate it to only a beer mug in the bar cabinet. Well it was surprising to know that the brewers of Belgian treat their beer with similar elegance as the French to their Wines. Each type of beer from Belgian has a distinct aroma, color, food pairings and even a glass to go with it.


Not only we had a fun time tasting these amazing beers, Nitin also took to the bar and brought out a new dimension of beer drinking by shaking up some awesome out of this work beer base cocktails. His best creations for the night were the “Apple Cinnamon Cooler”, “The Classic Mojito” and “the Elixir with Elder Flower”. While the drinks looked like regular cocktails the taste was simply mesmerizing and what made them fun was the ease of making them with ingredients available at home.

Fun Stories/ Facts –

Corona – Goes amazing with Nachos and Spicy cuisine – the lemon veg was actually to keep the flies from entering the bottle, however today the beer is incomplete without the veg getting squeezed in the bottle for taste.

Leffe – Desert Beer -goes well with chocolate – the drink was created by the Belgian monks as an offering to the gods and later on decided to give it the common man too

Hoegaarden – Goes well with Salads – a single bottle packs the hard work of over 500 years, the Hoegaarden monks were the first to discover the unique recipe of the fabulous wheat beer around 1445.

Stella Artois – The Classy one goes well with grilled dishes and herbs. the drink is so elegant that it has to be taken in a chalice.

The night was cosponsored by the AB InBev (Anheuser – Busch InBev) the Brewery Giant that own renowned beer brands such as Stella Artois, Leffe, Hoegarden and many more.

Credit – Abhishek M.
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