Restaurant Review: Thai House by Kylin, GK1, Delhi

So when I heard about Thai House I thought it was a nice new kid on the block serving Pan Asian food, but only better as it specialises only in Thai food. (which btw I absolutely love)
The ambience of the place is nice and earthy. Very relaxed. The staff was super courteous and warm.

Now to the best part of the review – The Food!

We started with some coolers.
1. Thai Mojito – a lovely mocktail with a sweet twist of coconut milk and lemongrass. Must try
2. Thai Blossom – glass full of fresh orange juice with kaffir lime – it just hit the right spot for me.

Then came the appetisers.
1. Som tum thai salad – beautiful and fresh this salad was a nice mix of spice and sweet.
2. Mixed seafood soup – a bowl of soul. The flavour was of mild with a good quantity of seafood such as prawns and calamari.
3. Grilled butterfly jumbo prawns – this I loved… Super soft cooked to perfection. These prawns were flavoursome. Try them out.. 🙂
4. Rustic fish in red paste wrapped in a banana leaf – This dish stole my heart. I can safely say, the fish was the best fish I have ever had. It was delicious. The flavours were an amazing blend of awesomeness.
5.Chicken wrapped and grilled in banana leaves – again very well cooked dish.
6. Southern style chicken – this was a miss for me. Dint really like the paste the chicken was cooked in.

Gai Yang @Thai House.JPG
Post so much food, came more food….
For the mains.
1. Stir fry mixed seafood – nicely done stir fry, this came with a chili jam. Decent in flavour – I liked the jam quite a bit.
2. Minced chicken – I have tried this dish in Thailand and its really really soulful, though I’d skip it here. It was on a loss of some flavours.
3. Aromatic prawn curry – Yum! That’s the word. Cooked in a thick gravy. With prawns so tender. It’s a must must try! ( I actually ended up taking 3 helpings of it)
4. Jungle curry – Spicy thin curry. Glad to have tried this – a break from all the thai green and red curry.
5. Don’t remember the name – hehe. But this was a dish with prawns and basil, which in its taste did all the justice to the earthy thai flavours.

Tub Tim Grob @Thai House.JPG

And lastly the desserts.
1. Mango mousse – made to perfection
2. Water chestnut and rose dessert – this was an interesting one, water chestnut as an ingredient can be wonderfully used, yet isnt.. Chef Nikhil did a good job with this.
3.chocolate chili ice cream – now this was another shining star of the experience at Thai House. What a delightful combination of chocolate ice cream and chili. It’s a dessert you should not miss.
The sweet begining of chocolate ending into a chili twist. Just brilliant ( I can taste it while typing ) haha
4. Passion fruit ice cream – a sweet end to an amazing meal.
Ps: :Thai house makes their ice creams in house. And so do they do it for their coconut milk, coconut cream and all the spices.
Which clearly you can judge as the food tastes super fresh.

Thai House outdoor sitting 2.JPG

Overall – I loved Thai House for all that they had to offer.
Special kudos to the chef – he puts his heart to what he serves.

I am tummy happy!



Credit: Kanupriya
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