The Wahrabia Fest – Barbeque Nation, Gurgaon



Barbeque Nation comes up with yet another mouth watering fest for the foodies around the country with an Arabian touch, calling it appropriately “WAHRABIA” or Wah – Arabia. Barbeque Nation has been famous for its short fiestas for many years now, the team seems to love experimenting and introducing new cuisines time to time, creating a fresh experience every time making the customers wanting more and more each time.The team at Barbeque Nation has been famous for their out of the world live grills and the elaborate menus, however this time they have simply outdone themselves.

The chefs have come up with an astounding 51 dishes in the menu of serving delicacies like “Jujeh Kebab”,  Arabian Kafta Lamb Seekh, Burani Ghost, Shawarma and many more. The team led by Neeraj the head chef at the Sonha Road outlet added their own twist to the menu and served each of the dishes in their own innovative style.

While Barbeque Nation is famous for its unique Over The Table BBQs, one cannot not be impressed with the overall experience of being at the restaurants. What makes the place stand apart from all such similar but not so similar food chains, is its consistent quality, uniformity in taste irrespective of which state or place, amazing hospitality and the customer CARE. Barbeque nation has been my personal favorite for the very long time, a place where you can celebrate every occasion, from a Office success story to a kids birthday party. the place offers the best of food and the service comparable only to the top 5stars in the world.

I would not like to recommend a particular dish that one must try, but my personal favorites have been the Cajun Spiced Potatoes, Kesabi Dajaj, Chicken Shawarma and Burani Gosht.


Review and Images Courtesy Abhishek Mukherji

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