Axis Bank Gourmet Festival – Smoke House Deli, Khan Market

The Axis Bank Gourmet that goes on till today is a great addition to the many festivals that run in Delhi’s culinary calendar.


The restaurant I chose this time was Smokehouse Deli, a long-standing favourite of mine and they did not disappoint even this time.

The meal began with the asparagus and smoked chicken salad with an amazing citrus vodka . Mammoth taste, flavour and freshness – this was easily one of the best salads I have had.


This was followed by a cracking (literally) high street chicken and noodle soup. Warm , scrumptious soup and good conversation with friends are ideal in this winter nip, and it did not disappoint.


The main course was a red onion based chicken spaghetti and my favourite Smokehouse dish, the peri-peri smoked chicken with a citrus pimento reduction. I love this dish because of the balance of flavours . The smoke, sweet and spicy flavours are married beautifully together to make one harmonious dish.



The meal ended with a spot on dessert – Cheesecake with a berry compote. Simple but done well is the key to this dessert and a perfect end to the meal.


There are not many restaurants that put a smile on my face every single time with their beautifully crafted dishes and great service; smoke House delivers every time.


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