The Drunk House Review

Sunday afternoon, there are certain places out of the common sobriquet, where people meet up, have a good afternoon, over lunch, drinks and music.

The Drunk house is one such place. A warm, glowing and comfortable place to spend time with friends, family as well as acquaintances.


Conveniently and strategically located in Rajouri Garden, just a throw away from Rajouri Garden Metro Station. I makes the city trotters to easily locate the place even among the bustling chaos and confusion of the city.



As me and my companion entered the place, a warm feeling spread through our hearts. Lighting was warm, and complimenting it, was the wood splattered furniture, brick laden walls and spacious interiors.

The dining space was comfortably filled with music from last night’s Coldplay Concert on the amazing Bose Audio System.

Now let us not waste time into small talk and head right towards the food.


Appetizers and Drinks:

Cheese Poppers: In appearance, it was mild. On the taste buds, crispy. The amount of cheese on it was perfect, yet, we would have loved to have flowing lava like cheese. The dip was amazing, complimenting the flavors well.

Mushroom Caps: Oh, how well they looked: mild on the eyes as well as for the tongue. In texture, it was very crispy. The taste of mushroom was prevailing, which added to its USP. The dip was a marriage combination with the dish. The filling also complimented it well.

Spring Rolls: A classic starter. Look and aesthetics, as good as it gets, starts a crunch in the stomach. The pieces well presented, bite sized. They were adequately crispy. A little more of the filling would have opened up my taste buds. The dip was perfect dip.


Peri Peri Chicken Skewers: Oh, the moment these came to our table. Heavenly to the eyes, and then to the nose. A culinary delight. The texture was coarse, which was great. Peri peri was in hints.  The crispy outside and juicy inside chicken and chilli were like joggers in the park, perfect. The flavors came out well with the dip. But with sautéed onions, perfecto!!

Butter Garlic Chicken: The best starter. Period. Highly recommended. So many tastes together, the moment it reaches the mouth: Chicken. Hint of mint. Then butter and pepper. Full time influence of cheese. Much later. Garlic. In all, it was a perfect package to Chicken Heaven.

Piña Coláda: What’s better than to drench your throat with some liquid delight? Bang! The moment it touches your tongue, jolt of pineapple for a few seconds.  And then the reminiscence of coconut remains for a lifetime. One word, heavenly. It was like a good friend throughout the Luncheon.


Main Course:


Chicken Kiev: It came to our table and we were surprised. Perfect presentation. It was seductively juicy when the knife sliced through. The colors were amazing. The complimenting sidekicks were: mashed potatoes, and sautéed vegetables. We would have loved it if the chicken would have been tenderer. It was not thawed.




Gems and Chocolate Pizza: A visual delight. The crust was thin and moderately crispy. A little more chocolate on the base would have triggered chocolate explosions. Toppings balance was good.


Service: The service was good. The staff responded well to our requests and guided us well with our choices.


Final Verdict:

You had a hectic week and you want to relax, eat, drink and have a good time with the people who matter the most. This is the place to go. Go check out for yourself and have a good time.





Review Credit – Sabyasachi Talukdar

Photo Credit – Sabyasachi Talukdar


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