Access (Axis) the Gourmet Fest @ HotMess, Connaught Place, Delhi

Gourmet fest by Axis Bank Dining Delights spanning across the cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata is a gala moment for food lovers. What a hungry and greedy foodie needs? Loads of food, lot of variety with a very small hole in pocket. This culinary celebration serves it all. With more than 70 restaurants participating, it is impossible to have it all in 10 days.  A person gets to enjoy a fixed three-course meal, which is served at a nominal price of INR 799 excluding taxes. The festival is on from 11 to 20 November.


I have my own reasons of liking this fest. For a person like me who can eat anything and everything at anytime. The biggest struggle at any eatery is what to eat and what not to, as I love it all. The menu at Gourmet fest is specially curated menu from the main menu of the restaurant. So it is like, best from the rest is already clean and just pop your finger at any from this special list. One can make advance bookings at any of the participating hotel with just by paying a miniscule amount of INR 49 online. Here, I felt extra special as the booking is to done through your Axis bank card, which makes me feel special from my friend having non-Axis bank card.


With so much at ease and infused laziness and I chose for the nearest participating restaurant. Hotmess, located at Connaught Place, M Block, Inner Circle was finalized for Friday evening. What better way to start the weekend in the wake of demonetization, where one can go to the place cashless as well queue less and clueless. Queue less as we had the reservation and Clueless as all the choice of dishes has been done and just have to pick from the best.


Punjabi heart may travel the world but will settle only for Dal makhani and chicken tikka. Actually, it was not settling rather rising in Dal makhani. After a very long time savoured such a dal. As the name, it has only two flavours, Dal and Makhan. Very mildly spiced and so well cooked that even writing this I am drooling.


China Chicken Tikka and London Tikka were the international confusion for me. Former was a starter and the latter main course. The reason behind ordering this to answer the curious mind that how a London and China are going to make difference to our very own chicken Tikka. Yes, the question was very well answered both were way different and good. No comparison in the taste and yes both had Chicken tikka. A good play and presentation of flavours.

Serving portions are good. A hungry soul like me will never complain saying that “Bas itna hi”. Our tums were filled, hearts hungry, which anyways always are, and the serving bowl still had something to eat. The meal was value for money in terms of both quantity and quality.


The dining options are available for both lunch and dinner. Therefore, do not miss out this food celebration and exploit the opportunity with your friend, your loved one or …hope you got the pun… :).


Nevertheless, you have to be with someone, as a booking has to be minimum for two diners and maximum of eight. If you are planning to throw a party, or there are any pending on you from long time make use of the opportunity. Your friends will love so much variety, and some may envy for making it such big gala.

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