Pocket Friendly Authentic Rajasthani Food at Rajasthali

Browsing through the lanes of Delhi’s Connaught Place, you cannot miss spotting Rajasthali and more so, their offering on the authentic Rajashtani Food. Their staff is extremely courteous which definitely sets the right tone for beginning the journey on food.


The restaurant makes the best possible use of space with adequate spacing between tables and comfortably laden thalis. Honestly, the number of katoris in the thali adds to the excitement of your appetite.


On the table itself, they get your hands washed with this interesting concept of a utensil with a bowl at its base. More like a portable wash basin, this for sure adds to the convenience of the visitors. Then on, the saga of awesome Rajasthani food begins!


Our treat was initiated with an awesomely flavored ‘Masala Chass’. Quantity no bar, it was surely a delight to begin with on a hot sunny day. Then followed their day’s special Dal Bati Churma with Mini Samosa and Khatta Dhokla.


To my surprise the bati & churma werent as heavy and they made a perfect starter! Mini Samosa was perfectly fried with its potato nicely meshed and hot inside.


The main course was a fully loaded treat of core Rajasthani Cuisine. Served with Paneer Mix Veg, Bhindi Masala, Aloo Rassawala, Panchmel Dal, Tikha Dal & Jaipuri Gatta, the wholesome meal has an apt mixture of flavors and spices. Also, it never felt that any of the servings were heavy hence it really went down well trying all their offerings at least for once. Bhindi Masala was prepared very intelligently since it was without onion (A lot of Rajasthani Cuisine at times is served sans onion) but was never made to feel so. Jaipuri Gatta, with a thick gravy, was a specialty – you won’t find many places in Delhi serving the actual Gatta ka sabzi but this for sure was an original! The staff patiently waited for us to gulp on the feast and to our surprise, there was more to follow! Gujarati Kadhi – a traditional gujarati preparation of a wonderful sweet and spicy curd mixture thickened with gram flour, and this one was served without any pakodas or koftas. Amongst breads (Phulka, Thepla & Parantha) – totally loved their theplas. The meal concluded with Rice Kheer & Rajbhog Halwa amongst the warm and courteous smiles of their staff.

An absolute pocket friendly luncheon with unlimited servings, we definitely recommend this place for a nice and quick meal with friends or family. Besides, they also offer home deliveries and corporate lunch packagings!



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